Sunday, October 6, 2013

See KC Star Review of 4 Books of Poetry about War: Parada Ayala, Russell, Bargen, Rathburn

Poets still fall in love, but some also live in war zones and report on those conflicts. Among four recently published collections of poetry, Carlos Parada Ayala writes of Central American wars, while Brian Russell’s battlefield is the oncology department. Walter Bargen and Chelsea Rathburn turn to domestic sites of tragedy. Poems in Carlos Parada Ayala’s first book, “La Luz De La Tormenta/The Light of the Storm,” demand attention. His slashes of color create unforgettable images, like his comparison of love to “a bloody crucifix/ on a bishop’s chest” (“Pulse”). Parada Ayala presents important topics that match his dramatic language. As an El Salvador native, he was witness to the civil wars in the 1970s and ’80s. This tragedy is the backdrop for this bilingual Spanish and English collection, Read more here:

La Luz De La Tormenta/The Light of the Storm, by Carlos Parada Ayala (112 pages, Zozobra Publishing, $12)

The Year of What Now, by Brian Russell (96 pages, Graywolf Press, $15)

Trouble behind Glass Doors: Poems, by Walter Bargen (103 pages, BkMk Press, $13.95)

A Raft of Grief: Poems, by Chelsea Rathburn (72 pages, Autumn House Press, $17.95)