Friday, May 1, 2009


Thanks to everyone who contributed to Kansas poetry month! Here are the winners of the 8 contests:
Contest 1: Kansas Landscape Winning submissions from: William Sheldon, Robert Stewart, Joshua Falleaf, Candace Krebs, and Wayne White
Contest 2: Kansas Town(s)
Winning submissions from: Jo McDougall, Gloria Vando, H.C. Palmer, Tom Mach, Claudia Mundell, and Eli Jost
Contest 3: Kansas Portraits
Winning submissions from: Robert Day, Kevin Rabas, Kiesa Kay, and Diane Wahto
Contest 4: Kansas Ghost Stories
Winning submissions from: Dennis Kelly, Philip Miller, Amy Cummins, and H.C. Palmer
Contest 5: Kansas Houses
Winning submissions from: Jeanie Wilson, Thomas Reynolds, Daniel Pohl, Judith G. Levy, and Greg German
Contest 6: Kansas Historic Myths
Winning submissions from: Israel Wasserstein, Tom Mach, Duane L. Hermann, David Norlin, and Serina Allison Hearn
Contest 7: Kansas Gardens
Winning submissions from: Jeanie Wilson, Linda Rodriguez, Judith Roitman, Angela Hine, and Max Yoho
Contest 8: Kansas Wildlife
Winning submissions from: Steven Hind, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Stephen Meats, Bill Hickok, Priscilla McKinney, Robert Stewart, and John Blair