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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anna Wiese is one of the poets celebrating Poet Robert Dana's career

Anna Wiese and John Rosecrance, friends of Robert Dana,  were among those who shared poems and memories with a filled auditorium at the University of Iowa on 27 March 2010. Wiese read "Elegy for a Hometown," about Dana's recent visit to his Massachusetts hometown after many decades. John Rosecrance, who swam daily with Dana for years, recalls his conversations with Dana. He also read "Selling the Earth and Everything on It," about a shared city commission meeting.
     After the memorial reading, on March 28, services were held at Cornell College, with music, readings, and words of remembrance by Leslie H. Garner (Cornell College preseident), Tom Lynner, Dan Kellams, Eric Houts, Ben Miller, Hugh Lifson, Jan Sellen McGrane, Don Morrill, Lori Dana, and Rick Campbell.
     Robert Dana was poet laureate of Iowa (2004-2008) and the recipient of NEA fellowships and the Delmore Schwartz Memorial Award from New York University. He was one of the first graduates from the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop. He was a veteran of World War II. He revived and edited the North American Review, and he published two dozen books of poetry and prose. As a teacher, poet, and conniseur of good living, he inspired friends in Iowa, Florida, South Carolina, and all the Associated Writers and Writing Program conferences he attended.
     His devotion to his wife Peg was one of the first comments I heard about him, and he celebrated this partnership as long as I knew him. He is survived by three children. A beautiful gray cat ("eleven pounds of smoke"), along with the rest of his family and spirit, remain in many poems.
     Publication information about Dana's New & Selected Poems is available at the anhinga press website. Photos in this series are by Denise Low, except the photo of Denise Low by Kathryn Kysar.

Dick Terrill reads at the Memorial Reading in Celebration of Robert Dana's New & Selected Poems

Dick Terrill reads "Spindrift" from The Morning of the Red Admirals (2004).

Nicholas Kogon and Tom Lynner read Robert Dana Poems, 27 March 2010

Nicholas Kogon, friend of Robert Dana, reads "After After," by Robert Dana. Tom Lynner, co-founder of the Des Moines Poetry Festival, reads "3:10. July. 2009." in place of Ingrid Wendt, who  could not attend the event.

David Hamilton shows the author photograph from Robert Dana's New & Selected Poems 1955 to 2010

Robert Dana (1929-2010) wears a flashy red turtleneck in one of these last photographs of the beloved poet. 16 poets read selections from his book to a large audience in Iowa City, University of Iowa campus. (Photo by Denise Low)

Iowa Friends and Poets Jay Johnson & Jim McKean Read Robert Dana Poems

Denise Low and Keith Ratzlaff Read Robert Dana Poems, Iowa City, 27 March 2010

Karl Ratzlaff looks at the audience at the Robert Dana (1929-2010) memorial reading from his new book of selected poems. Denise Low ends the reading with "Lines Written Below Eagle Cliff," a new poem from Dana's New & Selected Poems 1955 to 2010 (Anhinga Press)

Rick Ryan MCs the Memorial Reading in Celebration of Robert Dana's New & Selected Poems

Marvin Bell & Lisa Birnbaum at the Memorial Reading in Celebration of Robert Dana's New & Selected Poems 1955-2010

Marvin Bell reads "No. 19 Summer in a Small Town" from Robert Dana's book In a Fugitive Season (1979) at the memorial reading in Iowa City March 27, 2010. Lisa Birnbaum reads "How Pure a Thing is Joy" from What I Think I Know.

Rick Campbell at the Memorial Reading in Celebration of Robert Dana's New & Selected Poems 1955-2010

Rick Campbell, publisher of Anhinga Press, reads "Horses" from Robert Dana's book Starting Out for the Difficult World (1987) in Iowa City, March 27, 2010.