Saturday, September 26, 2020

Nomadic Coffee "publishes" poet Denise Low, with audio

Nomadic Coffee of Berkely pairs coffee beans with poets plus provides a call-in line for the poet's commentary plus a reading. Thank you Nomadic Coffee! This is my poem currently tucked into coffee bags and available for call-in. Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, is the curator for this quarter, and thanks mucho, Kim! Thank you to Arthur Johnstone for the featured portrait. Thank you Nomadic Coffee. Denise Low


“We look at the world once in childhood.

The rest is memory.” Louise Gluck


In my first house of cut-up puzzles

Mother disappears behind jumbled

heights, walls, gravity windowpanes—


a domain of no lullabies

but instead, pauses.

In the upstairs room under elms


stars pelt the glass.

Hunger returns. Under my chin

white ruffles loop endlessly.


I remember to this day

the curved bassinet, dusty pink,

how I lived within its wicker.


Later she stored it on the back porch

where even now, generations later,

it calls me to return.


 Nomadic Coffee broadside and Dial-a-Poet, 415-484-7919, ext. 730