Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mammoth Publications Presents Chapbook APRIL

A new chapbook from Mammoth publications features selections from Denise Chevalier, Ken Eberhart, Louis Giron, Dana Guthrie Martin, Barbara Montes, and Alarie Tennille. These diverse writers document one month in their writing lives. These are participants, mostly, in a Writers Place poetry workshop April, 2013. The 24-page chapbook-- ISBN 9780984591268, $5@-- has photographs by Thomas Pecore Weso. Copies are available Mammoth thanks these poets for their work. See for more about the press and its publications.

Mammoth has a busy publications schedule, and next up is Stephen Meat's prose and poetry collection Dark Dove Descending and Other Parables. He is a Pittsburg State professor, poetry editor of Midwest Review, and a fine, fine writer. Bill Sheldon is writing the introduction.