Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Mikrokosmos Includes Music CD

I just received my new copy of Mikrokosmos, published by Wichita State University's MFA in Creative Writing program, and it is a beautiful production: full-color cover and art; nice paper; great design; and a back pocket that includes a CD of original music. This is a showcase for student and alumni work. Notes indicate this has been published in conjunction with the MFA since 1958--surely one of the oldest continuous literary publications in the country. The program is just a bit younger than the Iowa University program.

The writing is commendable. I was honored to judge the poetry contest, and I can attest to its quality. I published in this blog one of Craig Blais's poems (March 26), and I recommend you look for it! Other works are non-fiction and short stories. Dietrik Vanderhill edited it.

I spent happy months working on my MFA at WSU, so I have a biased viewpoint here. But do look at the line-up of writing faculty: Albert Goldbarth, Margaret Dawe, Jeanine Hathaway, W. Stephen Hathaway, Richard Spilman.

Congratulations on fine work.