Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lindsey Martin-Bowen Publishes STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD

This is a new Woodley Press publication, available at this link:

From Martin-Bowen's new book, here is another perspective on the state with glaciated, wooded hills in the east and high plains in the west--and human drama at every mile in between.

The Soul of Kansas Might be a Scream

You hear it late at night when the moon
becomes a sliver in someone’s dream,
and ripples in the lake settle
into streams lined with algae and bass.
It might come from John Brown’s ghost
or the specter haunting the WPA castle at Coronado Heights.
It could be wails from Bob Elliot, who died in a wreck
on the red trail winding down from the peak.

Perhaps it’s the lonely moan of a locomotive
over plains where fires break through nights.
Maybe the shriek emanates from the cemetery
edged by yuccas where the snow never stays,
or from the western ridge where wolves cry
and geese wing through wide, blood-red skies.