Friday, July 25, 2008

Writer's Digest Interview with Denise Low: Link

Hi, I'm drawing your attention to the blog of Robert Brewer, Poetic Asides, which is a great resource for writers. He has discussion topics like how to write a biography for editors and other practical advice. He honored me with a request for an interview, which is here:

Here is a sample of the interview:
"So, what it's like being a State Poet Laureate.......?
"Being poet laureate has helped me in so many ways. I can now articulate more clearly how my role as a poet is community-based. All poets are advocates for the arts. All poets work with a centuries-old tradition of wisdom. We add our own pieces to that tradition, from our time, and that great river keeps flowing forward. As a poet laureate, I have become more excited about younger poets and their upcoming roles of spokespersons for their generations. All poets are revolutionaries, creating “it” new each morning."