Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Publication History of William Kloefkorn's ALVIN TURNER AS FARMER

I own an early copy of this book, and the copyright page indicates: "This collection was originally published as Road Apple Review Volume IV, number 2, summer 1972." The copyright is 1974, and the volume I own is 3rd printing.

I am grateful to Brian Salchert ( ) for recalling the publication history of this seminal Midwestern book. With his permission, here is the sequence of three editions of this book:

"William Kloefkorn's popular first book of poems, Alvin Turner as Farmer,
was originally published by Road Runner Press in 1972 as a special issue
of Road Apple Review vol. iv no. 2. Mr. Kloefkorn's friend and colleague,
Bill Evans, did pen and ink sketches for the book, one of which was for
the cover. Terry Smith and Brian Salchert were the editors. Both the
press and the magazine were established by Doug Flaherty.

"Subsequently, Ted Kooser's Windflower Press published Alvin Turner as Farmer
in 1977. (This date is correct according to

"In 2004 Logan House Press published Alvin Turner as Farmer a third time."

I do not know how arrived at 1977 as a copyright date. Was this another edition? Does anyone have any information?