Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Denise Low & Paul Hotvedt & Josh Kendall Multimedia Project 3 VOICES


Come and join us at the Lawrence Arts Center, 7 pm. Thursday, Dec. 4th for a release party for the fine arts edition and DVD of Three Voices, a collaboration of painter Paul Hotvedt, poet Denise Low, and videographer Josh Kendall. For video preview, see:

On Dec. 4, Denise Low will be reading selected works, with Josh Conner and Brandon McCune providing the music. Hotvedt's paintings will be on display. Copies of 3 Voices will be available.

This multimedia package includes Denise Low's responses to landscape images by Paul Hotvedt. Text includes prose poems and an accompanying essay about creative dialogue between memory and landscape. Hotvedt's images include digitized images, cards, and videographic interpretations. Included in the DVD are paintings, readings, and interviews with Hotvedt and Low about the creative process. Packaging is by Deb Dillon, and music by Josh Conner and Brandon McCune.

Advance copies are available for sale on Paul Hotvedt's website: .