Friday, July 20, 2012

Update for "Lenape Code" project: Walking Purchase Treaty turtle signature fits into the puzzle

Here is an update for the “Lenape Code: Explorations in Delaware Arts” project I’ve been working on through USA Artists, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting artist projects

So far I have about 25% of the funds raised through generous, tax-deductible contributions. Individuals may donate, and I also encourage groups and organizations to consider donations. At higher levels ($250-$1000), you can receive individualized lectures and gallery talks. Funds will support travel and research to complete illustrated creative texts, both print and electronic. The print products will include an illustrated, signed poster (broadside) on fine paper. The electronic presentation will includes audio, image, and text. I will post this on a website and approach Plains Indian Ledger Art about hosting this webpage, as well as other organizations. The project will explore the continuity of Algonquian glyphs—Turtle, Spiral, Medicine Wheel, and others. Please see below for more information. Deadline is August 20, 2012.Here is one of the sources I’m working with: a Turtle signature glyph from 1737 Walking Purchase treaty. This is one of the images connected to both the "Ojibwa Rose" motif of beadwork as well as the Medicine Wheel. It appears here in a written document, as a leader's signature glyph. I have also seen stylized turtles in Cheyenne ledger art as well.