Thursday, August 30, 2012

Robert Day Publishes Story in NUMERO CINQ MAGAZINE

Robert Day has been my mentor and friend many decades. He is a terrific guide to the joys of living a literate life. This story shows his accessible narrator--I always enter his stories effortlessly, and then don't want them to end. Ed Ruhe used to compare reading his stories to eating candy. Pure pleasure.

I'm pleased to see my photo of Bob Day hunting in the layout here. It was late fall just outside of Bly, Kansas, pleasant weather but snow still on the ground, the dog kept chasing birds and leaves, and we went home empty handed but happy. Along the way, we met Mr. Bison, part of a local herd. We had bison meatloaf for dinner with the rancher who raised it. Memorable.
Even better news is New Letters of the University of Missour-Kansas City is publishing his new book of short stories in September! They have published a number of short stories in their journal in recent years.