Saturday, January 19, 2013

Richard Blanco Resources and Photograph

Richard Blanco, photo c. by Xanath Caraza
Poets especially are awaiting the poetry moment during the presidential inauguration Monday, Jan. 21, which is also Martin Luther King's birthday. Those who are familiar with Richard Blanco, his poetry, and his commitment to his art know that it will be outstanding. Since the announcement Jan. 8 that he would be the chosen poet, many links are now available. Also, Xanath C√°raza invited him to Kansas City for The Writers Place, Letras Latinas, and UMKC events. Thanks to her for this great photo. Here is the link to that visit and other Richard Blanco links:

X√°nath Caraza recaps University of Missouri-Kansas City visit by Richard Blanco and Fred Arroyo 9.17.12. Both writers talk about code switching. Great photographs of the event and reading.

Richard Blanco’s own website begins with this anecdote: “. . . a woman once asked me to share something about myself that no one would know directly from reading my bio or my work. Somewhat embarrassed, I told the audience about my poetry dance -- a little Michael Jackson-inspired shtick I do around the house in my pajamas when I am high from a good-poem day.” 

PBS News Hour Interview  1.18.13. 5 min. Richard Blanco speaks about the challenge of examining his own work in preparation for writing the occasional inauguration poem. He reads the poem “Betting on America,” about the Miss America pageant on TV when he was a kid.

Bill Moyers blog, article, interview, a YouTube version of “Betting on America.”

New York Times announcement , Jan. 8, 2013, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, which begins: From the moment Barack Obama burst onto the political scene, the poet Richard Blanco, son of Cuban exiles, says he felt ‘a spiritual connection’ with the man who would become the nation’s 44th president.”

Poetry Foundation website
has bio, sample poems, photo. Also, there is an interview, “Richard Blanco on Being Chosen as the Nation's Fifth Inaugural Poet," by Ruth Graham.   Inaugural 'sle

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