Monday, May 18, 2015


MoonStain is predominately a compilation of narrative memoir poetry that transitions the reader through different stages of Miller's life. The book opens with a “Blood Moon” sequence. Use of the blood moon image, the full orange moon at full lunar eclipse, shows the stain on Miller's childhood due to the loss of her mother by suicide at age three. MoonStain is divided into additional categories: “New Moon,” “Moon Shadows,” “Moonbeams” and “Full Moon.” David Romtvedt, former Wyoming Poet Laureate, explains Moonstain: "The key to the book [is] the narrator's longing for connection - to the earth, to lover's and friends, to herself.”

 "In MoonStain, verses change as the moon; they sometimes reflect turbulent light, other times small rays of harmonic, poetic rhythms. Ronda Miller becomes one with the moon, channeling and celebrating what is feminine, dark, passion, shadows, desire, and love. Miller channels and celebrates the here and now, every day themes, memories. And within her poetry, sacred word for eternity, she heals herself and is reborn." Xánath Caraza – Award winning author of the International Latino Book Awards and author of Syllables of Wind / Sílabas de Viento