Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beatnik Night Inspires Poems by Lindsey Martin-Bowen and Barry R. Barnes

For those in the Baldwin City, KS, area, here's an upcoming poetry event and poems inspired by it: 
Baldwin City Library February 16th at 7:00 p.m. The Library Friends will offer Beatnik Night, and the Activity Room will be transformed into a hip coffee house,  with bongo drums, candle lighting, and refreshments by Jitters. For information contact: Mary Lou Klein Barry Barnes is a Mammoth Publications author and musician. Lindsey Martin-Bowen's latest book of poetry is Inside Virgil's Garage (Chatter House Press). 


                                     for Denise Low-Weso

They’re all here—those hip ghosts from the past,
Burroughs, Waldrum, Ginsberg, Kerouac—
Ferlinghetti’s riding a Ferris
wheel behind the City Library,
where everyone’s in black, fingers snap
Bohemian drumbeats, and bongos

back up poetry readings ranging
from whispers to shouts and the rhythm
of sticks beating hard as blood pulsing
through arteries after tough swimming
in the Y on a February
day, icy with charcoal smells, when

berets on ears fail to keep them warm.
It’s still a cool way to brave the storm.

                                                 Lindsey Martin-Bowen ©2016

BLACK by Barry R. Barnes

Beret turtleneck sunglasses
Smoky dark room
Slap of bongos
Thump of bass
Feel that beat
The things I learned
From sixties TV sitcoms
Barry R Barnes © 2016
                Triggered By Lindsey Martin-Bowen

Further details about Beatnik Night: All ages are invited to share poetry readings, their own work or that of others. A five-minute time limit will be enforced by musical intervention. No applause will be allowed, but in true beatnik fashion, appreciative finger snapping is encouraged. While the Friends Board members plan to come in black clothing complete with berets, no costumes are required for participants. Come one, come all, to enjoy a unique experience of literary fun!