Monday, February 26, 2007

Mapping Kansas Writers Website!

A new site celebrating Kansas writers is a project of Washburn University's Center for Kansas Studies. It includes very good, in-depth coverage of writers, including interviews and sample works, and photographs of book covers as well as authors. The selection includes historic as well as contemporary authors. This is a work in progress, but definitely a good start.

Tom Averill writes about the project:
"The class, team taught with Carol Yoho, came about as part of my attempt to teach Kansas Literature in a different way. I've done maps of Kansas literature before, but they are quickly out of date. I have so much material about so many writers, that I thought this would be one way to get that up and available to others. So students each learned Dreamweaver and Paint Shop Pro, worked off a template, and then decided whom to focus on. We want, also, Stafford, Hughes, Parks, Holden and others. I plan to teach the class again in the Spring of 2008, and I have one student now, Miranda Ericsson, who is continuing some work and might make it her honors project."
The URL is:
Authors include:
Thomas Fox Averill, Topeka;
Edna Walker Chandler, Macksville
Bruce Cutler, Wichita
Robert Day, Atwood
Edythe Draper, Oswego
Harley Elliott, Salina
Amy Fleury, Topeka
Marcet & Emanuel
Haldeman-Julius, Girard
Steven Hind, Hutchinson
William Inge, Independence
Denise Low, Lawrence
Margaret HIll McCarter, Topeka
Nancy Pickard, Kansas City
Kenneth Porter, Sterling
May Williams Ward, Osawatomie
Max Yoho, Topeka