Saturday, March 8, 2008


Do look for these amazing books and support independent writers, publishers, and booksellers! My thanks to all these authors for keeping fires burning.

~~Mickey Cesar, “Midwinter Answers & Other Poems.” Sweat, Cigarettes, & Liquor (2008).For further information see .

~~Cyrus Console. Brief Under Water. Providence: Burning Deck Press, 2008. A sample poem:

A long shot of Central Park in the small hours, the runner laboring over the green in pain. The lights lining the footpath approximate counterpoint with the low and largely subterranean granites breaking the lawn, between two of which he falls to his knees and rolls onto his great sopping back, clutching his chest.

~~John Mark Eberhart, Broken Time. Warrensburg, Mo.: Mid-America Press, 2008. For information see . Also see Eberhart’s poetry blog at

~~Diane Glancy, Asylum in the Grasslands. Tucson: U of Arizona P, 2007. Glancy is based in Kansas City now. She has published widely and won numerous awards for drama, fiction, prose, and poetry. See .

~~Art Goodtimes, As If the World Really Mattered: Poems. Albuquerque: La Alameda Press, 2006. See

~~Steven Hind, Lonely by Nature: Stories from a Country Life. Hutchinson, 2007. Published by the author. Not to be missed. His Loose Change of Wonder is a 2007 Kansas Notable Book, Woodley Press. Contact the author at

~~John Jenkinson, Rebekah Orders Lasagna: Poems, preface by Bruce Bond. Topeka: Woodley Memoria Press, 2006. For further information see .

~~Maryrose Larkin, The Book of Ocean. Los Angeles: i.e. Press, 2007. More information is at

~~Matthew Porubsky, Voyeur Poems. Lawrence: Coal City Review Press, 2006. Winner of 2006 Kansas Authors Club Nelson Poetry Award. From the introduction: “a voyear poem is a situationof observation where the viewer is absent from the perceived ation, and through that, hs the realization that he or she is the most important contagion in the event . . . the variable of fate.” Contact the author at

~~Kevin Rabas, Bird’s Horn and Other Poems, with an introduction by Dan Jaffe. Lawrence: Coal City Review Press, 2007. For information contact editor Brian Daldorph, A sample poem:
Artt Frank’s Speed Bag

I used to hit the speed bag and play triplets.
That’s how I got my quick style.
Boxing and drumming, some days,
became the same thing. I tell the younger guys
when they come up to play, “Don’t say it all
in one round. Remember you have 10 rounds.
And don’t solo until the end. Make a big finish.”
Too many guys play 4’s and 8’s, even in the first song.
Wasted energy. Save it for the end. Make a big flourish.
End big.

~~Elizabeth Schultz, Her Voice: Poems. Topeka: Woodley Memorial Press, 2008. For further information see .

~~Jason Wesco, Rough Traces. Damascus, Neb.: Shake Dust Press, 2007. Contact the poet at