Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mary Stillwell Comments on Michael Novak

This response to the Nov. 2007 blog about Leavenworth poet Mike Novak reminds me of the contributions he made in the state:

"I ran across your page regarding Mike Novak (from December 7, 2006). Thanks for the posting. I was a student of Mike's at St. Mary College (then) in the 60s. He introduced me to contemporary American poetry (among other things) and encouraged me to write both fiction and poetry. I remember the day he and Julie brought Brian home so vividly. And I think the adoption of their two (along with Don Welsh's) informed our decision to adopt as well.

"Mike and I kept in touch sporatically. He invited me down to read nearly 20 years ago! Could it have been that long? We emailed every now and then. When we lived in Omaha, Mike stopped by for a couple of days to visit--poetry, politics, & gossip--on his way somewhere else. (He always called me by my family name, Mary Kathryn.)"

Mary Stillwell is a Nebraska writer, and thanks to her for this memory of Mike and his strong political views, matched by his humor.