Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AAPP Contest 4: Kansas Ghost Stories

The next Kansas Poetry Contest theme is Kansas ghost stories. Deadline: Thursday April 16, 2009, midnight. The goal is to write a poem (or poems) based on the given theme and e-mail to kansaspoetry@gmail.Each contest winner will receive a free book of poetry and/or Ad Astra broadsides. The Kansas Poet Laureate is the sole judge and reserves the right to choose based on her own aesthetic taste. Shorter poems (under 25 lines) are easier to post on the web. Please paste your poem into an email and also, if possible, attach a document file in WORD or Rich Text Format (RTF). Further details and examples of my own Kansas ghost poems are on the Kansas Arts Commission website: http://arts.ks.gov/ and http://www.kansaspoets.com/