Saturday, June 20, 2015


Susan Rieke’s Ireland’sWeather mixes all the mythic beauty of Ireland with clear-eyed observations. Contemporary sights mingle with ageless natural wonders. Even a commonplace experience like dawn becomes extraordinary as  the poet notices how “the sun tilts with a side grin.”  Travel with this writerly companion to a landscape populated with robins, crows, bees, and “old demons.” The journey will change everything.

Cover art, Thomas F. Weso, art:, “Blue Storm,” private collection, Washington D.C. 2 illustrations by Thomas F. Weso. Published by Mammoth Publications. ISBN 978-1-939301-77-2
A Moon Slice
A moon slice opens evening’s gate, waning
into clouds. It cannot blaze like the sun,
but quiet night counts on her cold.
Velia, witch of the wood, weaves magic.
The moon creates again a light waltz
whose steps never fail.                                
A land of few sunrises and sunsets shouts
for attention when the moon mounts the sky.
Crows form a front team.
They command respect for this white goddess
who obliterates gray
and dark recesses of memory.
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