Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Denise Low Interviews Kenneth Irby: Podcast

Photo by Denise Low, 2011
Here is a link to my March, 2015 interview with Kenneth Irby, winner of the Shelley Memorial Award of the Poetry Society of America. Although he was never at Black Mountain, he is closely associated with BM experimental poets and numbered several among his friends. William J. Harris writes about Irby for Jacket2, "Ken Irby should be ranked with such contemporary figures as Amiri Baraka, Robert Creeley, Lyn Hejinian, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, and Rae Armantrout." See  Jacket2 for a collection of poems, letters, essays about his work, and miscellany.  This is one of the few online podcasts of Irby, and it will only be available for two weeks. After that, purchase it through the website. Many thanks to Angela Elam for editing the 1 1/2 hour interview into a program.