Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kenneth Irby Dies, July 30, 2015

Kenneth Lee Irby 1936-2015. Photo by Denise Low
I have been having so many memories of Ken this week. I first read his work in 1978, To Max Douglas, and it made me cry. I met him in the 80s when he moved back to Lawrence, and through the years he has been a poet impossible to ignore. How blessed I've been the last years to meet with him weekly at our poetini group--Pachamama's had $5 martini specials Thursday nights. Last summer, he and I were the only ones to show up several times, and what grand conversations we had. Yes, he drove me crazy some of the time, but then there was that unexpected sweetness within the tart, thick rind. Most of these are my photos. I don't mind if people use them, but please attribute them to me. The 1997 photo taken the old fashioned way is Ken at Lee Chapman's house. She and Monica (Now Nico) Peck were present. I cropped this photo for a 2007 online publication, the Ad Astra project.

Stan Lombardo, Ken Irby, unknown, Judy Roitman, photo by Denise Low
Ken, photo by Denise Low 1997

Ken, Denise Low, Wm. J. Harris, 2.14.14, photo by Tracy Rasmussen
Ken Irby, 2011 photo by Denise Low


Ken Irby, 2011, Photo Denise Low