Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kansas City Poet Thomas Zvi Wilson Dies

Wichita poet Michael Poage listens to Thomas Zvi Wilson
Jeanie Wilson let friends know that Thomas Zvi Wilson, her husband, died today at 12:30 pm, March 7, 2012. He influenced many Kansas City area writers as a poet, writing coach, and friend. All of us who knew him continue his life through our memories of him, and through the words he shared. To keep his fire burning, here is one of my favorites of his poems, reprinted with permission from the book The Door into the Dream (The Mid-America Press 2006):

The Winter Dream

is what we must imagine:
Whoever you are, night at last
drops you in its pocket.

In that dark vastness,
every electric bulb that's glimpsed
through  farmhouse window
is a likely star soon to burn out.

From there the roads go
nowhere, or slam into a wall
that refuses what we must imagine:
only seamless night.

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