Thursday, February 13, 2014

NUMERO CINQ LINK to Denise Low article "Optical Structures in The Shrubberies" Ronald Johnson's Cascades"

Thanks to Douglas Glover of Numéro Cinq for posting online my essay “Optical Structures in the Shrubberies: Ronald Johnson’s  Cascades” His introduction begins:
"In the spirit of our Undersung series on the great-but-somewhat-unnoticed poets,Denise Low, former poet laureate of Kansas, pens here a passionate, erudite essay on the late Kansas poet Ronald Johnson, as she says, a second-generation Black Mountain poet, who invented a brilliant “cascade” structure for his poems. I love this essay for its close reading of the text, its technical expertise and for its consciousness of tradition and influence. "
Read the full essay about this Bay Area and Kansas poet who contributed so much to poetics, and also see the great photo of RJ contributed to the article by Robert Glenn Webb.